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Order Your MiniBin
1. Pick a Size

Choose from these sized bins:

6,  14, 18 , 20 cubic yard

Bins  are 12' Long & 7' Wide

Height varies*

2. Delivery

We will deliver your waste bin onsite to any location.  

Serving both residential and commercial clients.



3. Fill your Bin, then call us!

Once it's full or ready to be hauled; give us a call! 

We pick it up and dispose of it for you. (rates may apply, call for details)

Ask us about long-term rentals (over 7 days)

Rental Fees

Option 1 (6-18 CUBIC YARD):

$400.00 + HST

(Includes up to 2 tons- tipping fees - 5 day rental)

Option 2 (20 CUBIC YARD):

$500.00 + HST

(Includes up to 2 tons - tipping fees - 5 day rental)

Additional tipping fees - $80/ton

*Outlining areas are subject to a varying delivery fee depending on distance*

Best rates guaranteed.

Accepted Methods of Payment:

CashCertified ChequeInterac e-Transfer

GST/HST No. 837146018

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Sudbury MiniBins is Ecofriendly.

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