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Frequently Asked Questions

What are tipping fees?

Tipping fees are charged based on the weight (metric tonnes) calculated when bringing waste to Greater Sudbury landfill sites.

How much are tipping fees?

Fees are $80 per metric tonne.

Why do I have to pay tipping fees?

Tipping fees are used to operate the Greater Sudbury landfill sites in waste diversion. All commercial vehicles using landfill sites are charged the applicable fees. Only waste delivered by the owner in a private motor vehicle who resides in a residential property with 6 units or less can be exempted within the weekly allowance.

How much can I put in my bin?

Bins should not be filled past the top or waste will have to be moved and readjusted. Exceeding the amount of waste that a bin can hold is not recommended as this is likely to increase tipping fees. The waste could also damage the bin and your property. If the bin is too heavy and no can longer be picked up appropriately the extra material will have to be removed through other methods which will incur more fees.

What shouldn’t be put in the bin?

Hazardous waste is not to be put in the bins. Examples of hazardous waste are paints, chemicals, fluids, fertilizers, batteries, fluorescent lamps, explosive materials, radioactive materials etc. If it is household hazardous waste it should be brought to the Greater Sudbury Household Hazardous Waste Depot.

Is there a delivery surcharge?

A delivery surcharge applies for locations outside our immediate delivery area. Please remember that delivery fees are in place to cover four trips (deliver & return, pickup & return) and include fuel, mileage on the truck and the drivers' time. So for example if you live half an hour outside of our immediate delivery area, that equates to an additional 2 hours travel time.

What payment options are available?

We only accept cash, certified cheques and Interac e-Transfer.  We DO NOT accept credit card.  A deposit is required before or upon delivery of your bin. This will help eliminate issues and delays, in addition to keeping our bin rates low.  (Other companies will "pre-authorize" your credit card which essentially freezes the full amount right away... just like paying up front!)

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